From David West

I know I love in "that London" and all that but it's still a fair few quid.

From Chuck Owston

There's a video (thnaks to Tony Quinn) of me doing part of "Ride A Whire Swan"

From Eric Thom

Nice to know somebody gets 'it' before I do. My kids 96,9,11...

From Barbara Stewart

On Fri AM I scuttled off to a car boot sale and bought a WOOL coat with fury collar.

From Lars Nilsson

And given what has happened on the US tours in 2003 and 2995 I think that DP is well advised to stay at home :-)

From Donna Taylor

On page 24 there's photos of Julie Matthews playing the accordian and Christ Leslie playing the violin.

From Anon

Fairport spokesman Andy Farquarson says that the band has been playing to sell-our houses on virtually every date of the tour.

From Tony Quinn

Indeed - I watched it with some friends, we all drank father too much after England's diabolical showing...

From Jon and Widds

Jon Hall: Did someone say T Short vote

Widds: No, I said T-shirt vote (why is t-shirt such a difficult word to type? I always seem to end up with t-shitr or t-shrit or t-shrot)

From David and Widds

David West: I'm not good on set lists but it certainly contained (SNIP) Angry Man...

Widds: Angry Man? Wazzat? Are you sure it wasn't Happy Man, Frozen Man or Wandering Man? Or even Naked Highway Man? Or Crazy Man Michael? Or Poor Will And The Jolly Hangman? Or even Cajun Woman!

From Barry Howard

In the course of discussions about the Pentangle situation Barry Howard quoted Andy Ferguson...:

"Last year, Gerry Conway (who plays drums and percussion for Pentangle) was very very busy with Fairport (it being their 350th anniversary and all that)..."

From Martin Smith

I had bought Liege and Lies and "history of"

From Emma Webb

Hopefully next wintour they'll lay Bristol!

From Scott and Widds

Scott Campbell: 'll also send some royalties to Wormword...

Widds: Was this deliberate Scott? Or is Wormword the latest edition to Micro$oft Office?

From Tom Nelligan

A suburb Irish button accordion player, always great in concert.

From Widds and Pearce

Widds: That was great, wasn't it? Good to see the place where it all began, and that it is still called "Fairport". Wonder who owns it now, and if they know what they have?

Pearce: Damn!..I may have to hope on the tube and take a look now!

From Widds and Jon

Widds: The "bampots" to which he refers are the McB's - right Jon?

Jon Hall: Right - right , bloody well right. <Spertramp>

Widds: I meant the *other* Jon! Spert Ramp? is that something Evil Kenevil uses for a reeeeeeeeee.........aaallllyyyy long jump?

From Jake Conte

Blank ink on white background works best for my printer.

From Jo and Widds

Jo Quinn: Mary Jane will not be deterred! We love what we do and would continue to do it whether it was just in our own bedrooms.

Widds: Ooooh-errr missus! :-)

From Ian Northcott

I still need my 25 Years Lice CD replaciong after the burglary so please let me know if anyone can help.

From DIck and Tony

Dick Greener: anyone remember Waterfall back in the 780s with those two and Martyn Oam - fantastic stuff

Tony Ecclestone: Blimey - that's even older than Procul Harum! Did they come over with the Vikings?

From Jon

I've sent a few CDs back to Amazon and other online retailers that I didn't like.

From Arthur Kaufer

They even do a great version of Maddy Groves.

From John Hilton

CD4. Singer/Snogwriter

From Tony and Fred

Tony: Sod the rest - I'd pat just to see Rolf!

Fred: The question is, Mr Q, what *exactly* would you pat to see Rolf?

From Chris and Richard

Chris Bates: IMHO, that would spoil the surprise if you hadn't heard them before. I vote for the current status quo.

Richard E: I much prefer the old know, Pictures of Matchstick Men etc. :)

From Thomas and Widds

Thomas Day: Next year however, i hope to be coming to dropredy, and am already looking forward to it.

Widds: Tell us more of this "dropredy". Is it a summer school for rubbish jugglers?

From John Hilton

RT playing a bast**dly good oslo on Poor Will...

From Richard Barnes

Enjoyed Sarah Jory in the shower...

From Anon

Anonymous #1: Ah righty. btw The Green Lady was their second album. Their first Hedgehog Pie RUB 009 came out in 1075
Anonymous #2: Sorry, Jon - checked the FAQs and it turns out that this was not their release date but, in fact, the Battle Of Hastings.
Anonymous #1: Thought that was 1966;)
Anonymous #2: No, that's when we won the World Cup!