List Calendar

January: Andy F posts photos on what used to be his site, and talk turns to the male species tendency towards losing hair, consuming ale or lager to excess and the health risks of oversize middle-age paunches. Winter Tour dates are debated. There will be no percussion but Gerry will be bringing his bongos should things grow nasty. Heated discussion ensues.

February: Barbara sends in shockingly lewd comments, ripe with foul language most unbecoming of a librarian and Tony Q one-ups her with a rude comment that sends the rest of us to the Oxford Dictionary. Heated discussion ensues.

March: Excited listee volunteers new website of a good folk-rock band from Poland. Heated discussion ensues as to whether it's folk-rock, rock, metal, or a total waste of time. Heated discussion ensues.

April: Whomever was the compere from previous Cropredy is found out to be a child pornographer and becomes cellmate with Gary Glitter. Turns out he wasn't worth listening to anyway - but, soon to be released on probation, news is released that he'll be returning to host the next Cropredy.

May: FC releases press release about upcoming CD release featuring 3 new songs by CL. Heated discussion ensues as to CL's songwriting ability, pitch of voice, hairstyle and height. Heated discussion ensues.

June: Weather reports for Cropredy are discussed. The call is for rain. Heated discussion ensues.

July: ISB reforms. RT rumoured to be coming to Cropredy but will only be participating in cricket game. Heated discussion on subjects of football and cricket ensues.

August: RT cancels. Jon releases his 'album of the year' pix. Nobody agrees with him. There is no discussion. Jon disappears to catch up on the FAQs. Cropredy live reports trickle in. It's raining and the toilet paper is wet again. Serious rashes ensue. Umbrellas are banned but available at stalls with fetching FC logos.

September: The U.S. invades third world country to save them from themselves. Barbara dons her Jane Fonda persona and organizes a march in Washington but not before pre-booking her flights for the Winter Tour as the prices are due to go up based on fuel shortages, pending outcome of latest war.

October: Jakey gets pissed and calls somebody a name and then unsubs temporarily. Heated discussion on mandolin bodies ensues. Tony researches some new phrases as the rest of List scrambles to Google...

November: Listmember takes offense at Tony's language. Tony responds with a top-posted name nobody can find in Webster's. Simon buys a new electric guitar but keeps it at home to tease the list. Heated discussion on acoustic vs. electric FC ensues.

December: Fairport releases Christmas compendium consisting of tracks we already have. Heated discussion ensues. Andy F writes - ecstatic over his new Christmas Nun Calendar he got for Christmas - signed by the Pope - that he'll be able to enjoy all year. DP gets leather pants and a humourous - but new - tour T-shirt from a female fan.

(Thanks to Eric Thom)