From: Martin J Fioretti

In John Gaudie , is Simon really saying he "rode himself a tuna"??? ;)

From: Michael Hunter

One for the mondegreen list? Just listening to Tam Lin (BBC version from Ashley H's "5" CD) and thought I heard...

"Quickly run to the white steed and pull their eiderdown".. whatever that may mean!

From Jennifer Waltz

When my sister was younger and didn't know as much English as today she used to sing
"I went down to the hiring fair born to sell my neighbour..."
"when I noticed a maid on the very first/next door and I hoped she'd clean my labor (meaning laboratory)"

and on Now Be Thankful:

"Now be thankful to your neighbour"

Anon - From: "Angel Delight"

"And he stored it to his cleaned-up chunder"

Anon - Listening to "Light Of Day" from XXXV last night, I thought I heard the line

"Glasses emptied one by one
He chewed his fiddle one last time..."

Anon - 'I Wandered by a Brookside',

verse 2: 'I listened for a football'


"Fairy glen" for "fair England"


The music's the one thing that's travelled well
We meet up and play from arsehole


"For the wild sea, we sailed a punnet too close to the wind"


'Let me ride on the waterbed one more time'


He can lapdance and sing


Now be thankful to your make - up


the King's men fought in red and gold though Cromwell's men wore trainers


I'd rather one kiss from dead Matty's lips than you and your oil refinery


Crazy Man Michael he wonders at books, and he drives an Alfa Romeo

Anon - "Banbury Fair:"

I rode the big wheel and got stuck at the top with ugliest girl at the fair...
Should be:
I rode the big wheel and got stuck at the top with loveliest girl at the fair...

Anon - "Banbury Fair:"

Jumping into the air, damn you, that's mine!
Should be:
Jumping into the air, Danube, that's mine!


And they will turn me in your arms into a Lion bar