Welcome to the FC List Website

Listmeet at the Cricket Pavilion - 2002

This site is primarily a web presence to suppliment an email based discussion group for fans of Fairport Convention

The FC List is a like minded selection of fans from all over the world who discuss Fairport Convention and other associated stuff via email. Many of us meet up over a pint or two at gigs and festivals and over the years a great number of friendships have been forged.

Our site has been built by members of the list. The info it contains has been written and complied by Fairport Convention fans for Fairport Convention fans.

The site contains

  • Information about how to join and use the emal list
  • General FC List FAQ type information
  • Articles written by list members
  • Interviews with members of Fairport
  • Useful info sourced and compiled by list members

To find out more about the List and how to join us visit the About The FC List section.