Pitching your tent

If you have more than one tent per car or a fairly large tent it's a good idea to mention this to the steward as you park, the stewards try to allocate space as efficiently as possible which sometimes means things are quite tight. If you are travelling as part of a convoy as we do we've found that it's best to get everyone parked up before pitching tents as this allows a bit more flexiility for tents of varying sizes. Also if you plan to stay up late singing and playing instruments it's best to arrange that in the middle of your party so as not to keep too many other people awake.

The fields are laid out in rows with designated roadways. You will be asked to move your tent or car if you are not set up in the correct place - this is a safetly issue, fire trucks, ambulances and stewards need adequate roadways so ensure our safety and wellbeing.

Since the fields we use belong to a local farmer rather than being pristine camping facilities the ground is sometimes a bit lumpy and you will inevitably encounter the occasional thistle – it’s advisable to bring a roll mat or air bed for use under your sleeping bag. You may also find the occasional cow pat, it's a good idea to check before pitching your tent - crawling into or out of your tent might not be fun if there's a present on your doorstep!