Caravanning at Cropredy

So, you've got your festival ticket and a camping ticket for your vehicle (see note at the end of this guide on what consititutes "a vehicle") and you're off to Cropredy with your caravan or motorhome.

Only small campervans are allowed on the tenting fields (although some exceptions are made for other peculiar vehicles, such as ex-army trucks and double decker buses!) and even this may change in future due to the beloved Health & Safety regulations which make all our lives so much healthier, safer and infinitely more dull.

So, if you arrive at Cropredy with a caravan or motorhome, what now?

The good news is that you have special, dedicated facilities on a special, dedicated field: Field 6. This is next to the Festival Field (see field map). The bad news is that it has a fairly steep hill in the middle of it - in other words, it's fairly horizontal at the bottom and the top, but has a fairly steep slope in the middle. Guess which bits fill up first?