About The FC List

The Fairport Convention Discussion List (FC List) is an email based discussion list for fans of Fairport Convention. There are two ways to recieve posts, individual emails that come in as people post or a "digest" version which accumulates messages and sends them out in a single email.

The FC List came to life in 1996 as a means for people to discuss the Folk-Rock band Fairport Convention. Members have come and gone during the last decade or so, but a bunch of regular contributors keep it going strong. Whether you have the time to contribute on a daily basis, or simply skim through the posts when you have the time, the List is a valuable resource for Fairport Convention and Cropredy Festival related information and a great place to meet like minded souls.

The list is currently hosted by James Aldridge on his famous mcvax server, and has been since 1997.

In April 2007 a massive hardware failure of mcvax caused the total loss of membership details so the membership list had to be rebuilt from scratch. Thankfully details of most of the contributing members of the List were salvaged from personal archives, and the list was temporarily brought back from the dead within a few days, and fully back within a few weeks. Unfortunately, this crash saw the membership drop from 700 members to approx 150 members. The List continues to gain in numbers as members return.