On arrival

Disabled caravanners are given special dispensation to arrive early and bag the level spots closest to the entry to the Festival Field and other facilities at the top of the hill. That means that by the time the gate opens on Thursday morning, most of the hilltop pitches are occupied.

If they are full, you may be faced with camping on the slope (closer to the facilities) or on the flat at the bottom of the hill (farther from the facilities). The choice is yours, but if pitching on the slope remember that your caravan brakes need to work, and work well!

  • Tow forward onto your pitch rather than try to reverse on (when reversing, a modern's caravan's brakes are automatically disengaged. You have to go forward several feet to engage the brakes again. Also, it's much easier on the tow car's clutch to pull the van on forwards than to push it up the hill in reverse).
  • Ensure that the handbrake works properly and is *fully* engaged.
  • Chock all wheels as an added precaution.
  • Have plenty of levelling blocks to insert under the jockey wheel and front steadies.
  • If you have any doubts about your ability to pitch on a severe slope, head for the bottom of the hill. It's easier and safer.