Cropredy Festival - A beginners guide (2002)

[Note - This article was written by Mark McCulloch in 2002. A slightly tongue in cheek but informative guide from an attendee]

Cropredy village lies a few miles north of Banbury in Oxfordshire. Every August, the 800 or so inhabitants welcome an invasion of some 20,000 music-lovers for the Festival, organised by Fairport Convention, featuring Fairport Convention and some other people. The Festival is held on the second full weekend of August, from Thursday night to Saturday.

It's... different. This guide will attempt to describe why, but you really ought to go. You'll like it, promise. Most people who have been before try to get back every year. Once you've been, you'll understand why. The Festival has been an annual feature since the 70's, and Fairport have been around since the 60's, so the audience these days includes children and even grandchildren of people who have been coming back year after year.

This guide originally summarised everything I know about Cropredy, but it has been added to by others (credited where possible). Any questions not dealt with should be mailed to the FC list at (you don't need to be a member to send mail there, but if you want to see any replies, you will need to sign up). Similarly, any tips that can be added should be mailed to the same place.