Cropredy Festival Camping - A Guide (2002)

[Note - This article was written by Widds in 2002]

It's 15 years since I first packed a tent and went to spend the weekend in an Oxfordshire cowfield. That's longer than some, but I know that many have been making the annual pilgrimage for far longer - some right back to 1979 and the first festival proper. Some might even claim to have been there before that!

The festival has grown enormously since I first clapped eyes on the event, but while the numbers have more or less doubled, the facilities for campers haven't changed very much at all. Basically, you get a plot of land for your tent, an area to park your vehicle next to the tent, some leaflets about safety, and a bin bag to take your rubbish home in.

And that's it.

So, what can you expect on a camping trip to Cropredy?