Rubbish & Recycling

Bin bags are provided on arrival to the camping fields. The rubbish crew does the rounds during the weekend to collect rubbish and replenish bin bags and recycling bags. If you need extra bin bags you can also get them from campsite control.

The festival organizers are keen to recycle as much rubbish as possible, and aim to keep as much as possible away from landfill.

Recycling bags are provided alongside general rubbish bags; the bags are marked with a list of acceptable contents – for anything not listed on the recycling bags please use the general rubbish bags.

Bottle bins are also available around the site.

Waste bags for dog poo are also provided on arrival and can also be obtained from the Campsite Control portacabins located round the site.

Bin bags should be left in tidy piles once you have packed up your tents so that the rubbish crew can collect them easily at the end of the festival.